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10 Hold'em Tips: Playing Suited Connectors. ... fold when they don't are sometimes referred to as following a "fit-or-fold" strategy. Playing "fit-or-fold" poker isn't necessarily a bad thing when ... Folded - definition of folded by The Free Dictionary fold1 top: isocline fold center: overturned fold bottom: recumbent fold fold 1 (fōld) v. fold·ed, fold·ing, folds 1. To bend over or double up so that one part lies on another part: fold a sheet of paper. 2. To make compact by doubling or bending over parts: folded the laundry; folded the chairs for stacking. 3. To bring from an extended to a ... Fold - Idioms by The Free Dictionary A sports team with no defense or a poker player with a losing hand would both fold like a cheap suitcase. You'd also hear “fold like a cheap suit,” but since fabric folds easily, whether it's cashmere or polyester, “suitcase” presents a better connotation of a losing proposition. 10 More Essential Hold'em Moves: How to Defend the Blinds

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From 6-Packs (of Beer) to a Six Pack and Back – FIT or FOLD This is a lifestyle we have to keep no matter were we are or what we are doing its a lifes choice, I personaly want to be around for my family and grand children for many years to come……

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Rule 13 - Don't call 3bets and play fit or fold on flop. tengusteel Red Chipper Posts: ... (I'm playing backwards poker..calling when I hit and check raising when I miss). Against some players who are one and done when they miss, I'm check calling, check check and betting the river. This works well often with hands like AK if I think villain ... Poker: what does "Hold 'Em" mean?? | Poker | BoardGameGeek

Times, Sunday Times (2015) Always fold the mixture slowly to retain as much air as possible. The Sun (2012) Both ladders fold small enough to be easily carried and will fit into a car boot. The Sun (2008) They are shaped liked bicycle saddles and can be folded away to save space.

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